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“We’ve all been there! When even our best friends are so sick and tired of us moaning about our ex that they are offering to pay for our therapy sessions! It may take you a while to get over HIM, but with the help of these sweet bittergirls, the rocky ride is a heck of a lot easier.”
-- Rebecca Eckler, author of Knocked Up, Wiped and Toddlers Gone Wild

 “I love the bittergirls! They practically make getting dumped fun. Okay, okay, they make it suck a whole lot less. They’ve been there, done that, and survived to walk you through, every martini of the way. Don’t break up without them!”
-- Josey Vogels, sex columnist and author of Bedside Manners: Sex Etiquette Made Easy and The Secret Language of Girls

It was the breakup to end all breakups.
So now you are a bittergirl.

What is a bittergirl? A bittergirl is sassy. A bittergirl is sexy. A bittergirl knows how to throw on an evening gown, strap on a fabulous pair of shoes, and tell a story like no one else. Whether you were dating for five months, living together for four years, or married with three children, you can be a bittergirl too.

So, what’s a bittergirl to do? Honey, blow that nose, wipe those tears, sit up in bed, and start reading. BITTERGIRL takes you from initiation into the bittergirl club, including warning signs, the shock of rejection, the seductive lure of  “the moment of weakness,” and relationship apathy, through your first solo appearance, and on to the bittersweet moment when our bittergirl realizes, “Wow, I am over Him.”

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Published by:
Penguin Canada (2005)
Penguin USA (Plume) (2005)
Distribuidora Brazil (2009)